Oliver would be 14 years old today

What does he want for his birthday?
Does he want friends to come over?
What kind of cake does he like?
Is he still be a close friend to his cousin Nicholas?
How often does he walk over to visit big brother Gray and his wife, Kim?
Is he following Dov’s advice in shoes and skateboarding?
Does he look forward to video chats with his niece, Scout?
Does he tease big sister Maria and her husband, Lee?
Is he still hugging me when I come home from work each day?
Does he still help his mom in the garden?
What books is he reading?
What is his favorite food?
Does he still run for the ice cream truck?
Has he learned to like movies?
How large is his Pokemon card collection?
What is his favorite subject at school?
Does he still tell really bad jokes?
Are we still playing Bloons Tower Defense together?
Is his laugh still infectious?
Does he like to play any sports?
What are his hobbies?
Does he help usher people at the events at Hope College like his siblings did?
Do we fight with him about chores?
Will he help me clean the garage?
Is he already asking about driver’s ed?
Did he cry a lot when Tintin and Snowy died?
How close is he to our new dogs, Gus and William?
Do our dogs have different names because of his input?
Is blue still his favorite color?
Does he still play with Legos?
Is he still able to listen to everything we say even when we think he is not listening?
Did the doctors learn that he actually understands what they are saying?
Does he go to Montana each year for a camp with cancer survivors?
Does he help raise money to help other kids survive neuroblastoma cancer?
Does he still visit his friends at DeVos Children’s Hospital?
Does he explain the largest scar on his stomach as a shark attack, like we planned?
Is his faith still as deep as it was?
Does he say the Hail Mary before he goes to sleep each night?
Is he still happy?
Does he still know how much we love him?

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3 thoughts on “Oliver would be 14 years old today

  1. Thank you for being someone who likes to write. Lifting you and the family up today on Oliver’s birthday, and many other days besides.

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  2. I read this with tears in my eyes. So poignant, so many memories and questions. Your special son certainly knew how totally you and Mary Ann loved him when he was on Earth.

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  3. As a teenager, is he too old to do that famous “Happy Dance?” That memory of him will be forever remembered by so many! Hugs to your family today.

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